Restaurant Design, Bucharest

The interior has been designed as a place where high emotions, delicious conversations and selected dishes meet.

Our mission was to create a gastronomy studio where haute cuisine and luxury design form the perfect synergy.

The interior consists of two fluid rooms. In the first, the opulent and elegant bar dominates, the sofa area, the fireplace, all being highlighted by the labyrinthine lighting fixtures.

The ambiance is designed so that from any angle you look a design element pleasantly surprises your eyes.

The central element of the second room is a brass wall highlighted by the generous lampshades that create a warm atmosphere. 

The noble materials are the Black Spot signature. Together with the varied textures, harmonious chromatics and unique lighting fixtures, Pata Negra is identified by its own style.

Location: Washington 11, Bucharest

Completion: 2017

Located on Washington Street in a good-looking villa, Pata Negra is known as the best Spanish restaurant in Bucharest.

At the beginning of the project, Pata Negra was already popular among clients. We wanted to relocate the restaurant and create a special visual identity.

Mission: creating a warm ambiance typical of Spanish restaurants, reinterpreted in a modern style;

Solution: a central brass bar, velvet furniture and Andalusian-specific decorations recreated the story created by chef Angelica Ilie.