Apartment Design,

Sophisticated but modern, this apartment carefully combines shades of gray and beige that blend harmoniously.

The mission of this project was to obtain the perfect space. We designed centimeter with centimeter according to the requirements, thus satisfying all the demands.

This apartment had compartmentalization interventions, so that by demolishing the initially existing wall and replacing it with a glass wall, we visually created a larger space and gave unity to the room.

A mix between classic style and modern style: cornices, classic decorative profiles, glass wall, furniture with straight lines.

The parquet, the panels that imitate the wood and the shutter-type fronts create the ambiance of the perfect home.

Location: Bucharest

Completion: 2017

Mission: Optimizing the space and decorating in a unitary style

Solution: The glass wall created space and gave unity to the room. Neutral colors and wood accents have created a modern friendly atmosphere.