Apartment Design, Bucharest

The mission of this project was to obtain a relaxing but vibrant interior that uses a wide color palette. The client wanted major changes, from the repartitioning and obtaining a more visually generous space to the reinterpretation and integration of a Ludovic XV furniture.

The esoteric notes obtained through the mix of natural materials, textures and shapes, reflect the identity of the beneficiary and create a mysterious, playful atmosphere that generates a state of comfort.

Location: Pipera, Bucharest

Completion: 2019

Mission: Create an open space between kitchen and living room in order to obtain a “harmonious” space; eclectic style bedroom decoration with esoteric notes; existing furniture style integration, library creation; to use a wide color palette;

Solutions: Living: natural wood finishes, lighted onyx stone, smoky mirrors and lighting fixtures were used for each area;

Bedroom: the esoteric note was obtained from textures, colors and shapes.

#modernclassic #thenewchic