Office Design,

Every leader knows that a pleasant work environment for employees increases their well-being and productivity. Thus, the main tasks of this project was to create an intimate workspace, lush but friendly for the whole team.

The idea regarding the CEO’s office was to be delimited but still integrated somehow in the open office space. This was possible by adding a glass panel supported by metal frames.

The panel may remain fully open, creating an open area with the rest of the space or it can be completely closed.

The library, the natural marble decorations and the brass objects create a luxurious ambiance.

The velvet seating area offers employees the opportunity to be more creative, choosing to work elsewhere than at the office.

The interior combines classic elements with modern furniture. The paintings with detailed frames highlight the prints that visually enrich the space, and the brass decors give that note of exquisite but friendly in the same time.


Location: Pipera, Bucharest

Completion: 2020

The offices are located in the famous business area of ​​Pipera.

Mission: repartitioning office space and creating concept design for a company operating in the luxury goods sector;

Create visual identity (logo, branding)

Solution: the combination of wood, velvet, elegant lighting fixtures and decorations with the theme of luxury objects, created the optimal ambiance for a relaxing corporate environment.